We assist clients with developing clean energy strategies such as renewable energy, energy storage, and energy analytics software.

Our experienced team of energy professionals and technology advisors support in the development and implementation of the energy solutions, and manage the integration complexities. 


ENERGY Strategy & Technical recommendations


Energy Storage

The timing of energy use has never been more critical.

Energy storage solutions enable consumer to buy electricity when it’s affordable, and use it later when it’s more expensive. The importance in optimization the timing of energy use is more important than ever due to time-of-use electricity charges, and the increased use of renewable sources of energy. The automation of this process and sourcing the right solution is complex, but the rewards can be significant.

Sunistics works to identify opportunities that can capitalize on the benefits of energy storage whilst mitigating the risks associated with new technology investments. Our experienced energy consultants provide advisory and risk mitigation throughout the planning, implementation, and operational phase. 



the declining cost of solar make it a major feature in many energy strategies.

As the cost of solar and other renewable energy technologies continue to decline, they often feature as key components in a sustainable and cost effective energy strategy. We expect to see this trend continue as the operational costs incurred by utilities are passed on to consumers, making alternative energy increasingly attractive. 

Sunistics has a deep bench of technical expertise in the field of renewable energy, providing technology evaluation, market assessment, financial modeling, project development, and asset management services. We work alongside our clients to demonstrate how they can benefit from integrating sources of renewable energy into their organization.



Operational Adjustments & Start-Up Synchronization 

Operational adjustments can provide significant savings via low- or no-cost changes to existing operations. Through data analytics and energy intelligence, low or no-cost energy efficiency matters can be implemented quickly and easily and provide noticeable and traceable improvements. Peak demand can spike when multiple loads are turned on at the same time. By synchronizing the start-up of equipment so it doesn’t all come on at once, a spike in demand and the subsequent energy charge can be avoided.

Peak Demand Management

Peak demand is measured using hourly interval data rather than the monthly utility bill. Facilities managers can utilize an analytics platform to ensure critical peak demand loads do not coincide with discretionary or unnecessary loads that can be shifted to off-peak periods.

Off-peak Consumption & Set-points

Many commercial and industrial facilities have regular shutdown periods that should result in substantial reductions in energy consumption. Our data and analytics platform provides the energy intelligence required to determine if optimal savings are being achieved. Having access to historical demand data to create a relative performance benchmark allows the comparison of energy use over time to see how drift and variance might be wasting energy.