Our Expertise

Sunistics helps faith-based and non-profit organizations become more economically and environmentally sustainable through effective energy management. 



  • Deep and varied FBO and nonprofit expertise and a history of complex energy management experience.

  • A proven track record and ability to finance Church and other FBO projects due to strong relationships with a network of specialist lenders.

  • A motivation to provide specialized and affordable better energy services to organizations that make a positive impact in the communities they serve.

  • Detailed energy management reports that analyze 12 months of energy usage in 15-minute intervals

  • Recommendations that are both immediately implementable and free, and which offer long-term solutions

  • Educational programs for children, young people, staff, volunteers and members

  • Solar systems with performance guarantees and simple monitoring metrics to track economic and environmental impact. 


Consumption habits

  • FBO's consume and spend more on energy 
  • FBOs are charged an average blended rate of almost 200% more than other commercial entities in California*
  • Peak demand charges are one of the main culprits of high electricity bills

Warmer weather trends

  • Resulting in higher consumption rates
  • Temperatures have steadily risen for 15 years in California

Price hikes

  • Utility costs are increasing by an average of 5-8% per year depending on location 
  • These higher utility costs are eating into budgets that could increase energy efficiency, such as replacing HVAC filters
  • Electricity costs are usually the second highest line item on an FBO budget

Energy inefficiency

  • FBOs are seeing year-on-year decreases in energy efficiency in Southern California
  • Hot weather, shrinking budgets, other priorities, and opposition from within are the main culprits
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