With an increased focus on renewable energy and impact investing, there are many potential investors for clean energy projects. We not only raise outside capital for projects, but also actively invest in our own fund to ensure the best terms for our clients.


  • Valuations and financial modeling

  • Financial, and operational due diligence

  • Tax credit compliance

  • Fundraising and acquisition for energy transactions

  • Financing and procurement for energy strategies



Selecting the right financing option for your solar project is critical to its success.

There are a lot of choices, and you will need to understand some of the vital nuances in government tax incentives that make solar lucrative for small and medium-sized businesses. This section helps you identify these key areas and why they’re important to your business.


The financing options available to small and medium-sized organizations are now making solar as lucrative as it is to large corporations.


These options provide an SMB the following:


We're proud to offer the new model for solar financing and we stand behind our work. 


Solar power financing fall into two categories: new and old. In our new model, you have access to the financial strategies that are being used by large corporations to make solar one of their key cost-cutting strategies. In the old model, the projects follow a path that provides cheaper but riskier systems.