Solar in fashion as U.S. retailer wears rooftop panels

via. Energy Live News 2015.

via. Energy Live News 2015.

American high street clothing chain Forever 21 has pimped out its offices with solar panels.

Its headquarters in Los Angeles are now decked out with what it says is the third-largest single-rooftop solar power system in California.

Made from 15,512 panels, the 5.1 megawatt system covers so many of the buildings, it appears to be a wedge of solar when seen from above.

It should generate enough electricity to power roughly 1,450 homes and stop the same amount of carbon from being emitted as taking 1,200 passenger cars off the roads.

Don Chang, founder and CEO of Forever 21 said: “As an LA based company, we wanted to contribute to the city’s goal of increasing clean renewable energy and becoming a more green economy.”

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