Solar power inspires greater energy and environmental awareness in Long Beach community

The principles of energy intelligence and environmental responsibility continue to grow in a Long Beach, California, community – and it’s a church at the heart of the movement.

More than 100 children, young people, staff and volunteers from Covenant Presbyterian Church, based in the downtown area of the city, participated in an event to learn more about energy and what can be done to reduce its use and impact on the environment.

The church, home to the Marguerite Kiefer Education Center’s (MKEC) Rising Tide program, provides educational services for children and young people in the area and plays a huge part in their lives. Pastors Rob and Adele Langworthy, who is also the executive director of MKEC, wanted to inspire greater energy and environmental awareness as part of their own commitment to energy management.

Members of the Sunistics team, including Chief Technology Officer Jonathan Caizley, which was engaged to analyze and improve the organization’s energy usage in light of spiraling costs, was on hand to provide an engaging class as part of celebrations around the installation of a solar system on the church’s roof.

“We want our children and young people to be aware of the implications of using electricity, where it comes from, and how we must be responsible for our relationship with it,” said Rob. “The solar power installation and additional energy management initiatives Sunistics has helped us to implement are evidence of our commitment to better energy and improved environmental conditions for our community, and we want to spread that message as far as we can.”

Of the event, Adele said, "The children responded favorably. Lights were being turned off when they left rooms as the day progressed and the computers were being turned off at the end of the day. It was a very good presentation and very informative. We had several adult volunteers who were here and came to the presentation, and they loved it!"

The classes and messages are part of an ongoing partnership between Sunistics and Covenant Presbyterian Church, designed to encourage the youth in the area to follow the church’s example of energy intelligence and environmental responsibility.  

"We've worked closely with Rob, Adele, and the team at Covenant Presbyterian Church for a while now and we are regularly inspired by the work they do and the impact it has on the community," said Jonathan. "Helping the next generation to learn about energy is part of our mission as a company and helps us to shape our future relationship with the environment together with those who share the same vision."