Project: KHS Bicycles

KHS Bicycles wanted a solution to spiraling electricity bills at its global headquarters in Rancho Dominguez, California. 

The renowned designer, manufacturer, and distributor of mountain, road, and touring bicycles, as well as comfort tandems and cruisers, is known for its quality, value and integrity and wanted to bring that ethic to its electricity generation too. 

The solar installation and energy management program will save KHS more than $600,000 and reduce its carbon emissions by 1.3million pounds. 

Since its establishment in 1974, KHS has earned many awards and accolades including: the first Taiwan-made bicycle to use Reynolds tubing (1979), Sears Partner in Progress Award (1986), Mountain Biking Magazine's coveted "Bike of the Year Award" (1994), awarded the US patent for the Delta Linear Downtube design (1998), the world's first "softtail" comfort bicycles, and Taiwan's prestigious "Excellent Product" award for its softtail bicycles (200).

For more information on KHS Bicycles Inc., visit or call 310-632-7173