Project: Chula Vista Community Church

Sunistics Group has partnered with Chula Vista Community Church to help the organization with its energy management needs. 

The installation of a 21KW solar system will offset 90% of its electricity use and reduce its monthly electricity bill from $842 to $119 - more than quarter of a million dollars in savings in total. 

"We chose to go solar because it was the only option for us to get out of the rising costs from the utility company," said Pastor Phil Golden. "In the hottest months, we were paying more than double our usual bill from the cooler months.

"Our experience with Sunistics was positive from the start - and that set them apart. They had time and answers for every question, guided us through everything, and I felt comfortable with the team immediately and throughout. Even when obstacles arose, there was a great personal effort to overcome them and this, as well as their professionalism and clear communication, gave me complete trust in Sunistics. Our opinion of Sunistics is great."

For more information on Chula Vista Community Church, call (619) 422-7850 or visit