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  1. Sunistics, a California Corporation, offers to prepare and submit Self-Generation Incentive Program (“SGIP”) applications for residential energy storage customers through an online form (the “SGIP Form”).

  2. The SGIP provides cash incentives for the installation and operation of residential energy storage systems and other qualifying technologies. Visit the California Public Utility website here for details.

  3. This agreement is between You, the "Customer" and Sunistics a California Corporation and licensed contractor. You, the "Customer" hereby authorizes Sunistics to prepare and submit your Customer SGIP Application. 

  4. In order to submit the SGIP Form, you the “Customer” must check the box to indicate that you have read and agree to these SGIP Terms and Conditions. In doing so, you the "Customer" hereby grants Sunistics a limited power of attorney and signature authority for the purposes of submitting documentation in connection with the SGIP Application.

  5. Sunistics will use reasonable efforts to secure the Customer’s SGIP incentive. However, Customer understands and agrees that SGIP funds may not be available and Sunistics shall not be liable for failing to obtain SGIP funding for Customer.

  6. Confidentiality. The existence of this agreement and all of its contents are confidential and proprietary between Customer, Sunistics, and the Utility.