Energy Management Tip #2: Air Conditioning

The second in our series of energy management tips for the summer focuses on air conditioning.

In Southern California, most of us have no choice but to run the AC, but for faith-based organizations it can be a surprisingly large expense. So here are a few simple things to keep in mind during the warmer months that can have a positive impact on AC related energy costs.

1. Plan in advance: In a house of worship, not all rooms are created equal. The main building where the congregation meets is generally a huge, high-ceilinged space, and keeping it cool is often as challenging as it is important. On a Sunday or during occasions when this room is used, plan in advance. Set the AC to come on earlier in the day when the air outside is at its coolest, then be vigilant about keeping doors and windows closed to keep the cooler air in. 

2. Keep air vents open: Key to good air conditioning is air circulation, but many people keep air vents closed to reduce energy bills. This actually does the opposite, so make sure they're open.

3. Replace filters: And also clear any debris that may accumulate in the unit or vents. Filters should be replaced about once per month, but sometimes they can last a little longer and still be efficient. We recommend checking them monthly however.

Good luck!