A letter to the grandkids

Photo: Virgin.com

Photo: Virgin.com

This week, we have been inspired by Richard Branson (like most weeks) and Virgin’s #ChallengeRichard campaign. He was challenged to write a letter to his family, based on the fact it’s one of the most important things you could do.

It got us thinking about our own situations. As a team, we are individually and collectively motivated to work hard in the pursuit of better energy – and ultimately, much of that work is intended to protect our world for future generations. Here’s what our very own David Marsden had to say:

Dear Max, Kevin, Louise (and those of you who are still to come along!)
When you grow up, you will realize that you are living in one of the best places that you could possibly be.
You’re already lucky; being born into a family that loves you unconditionally, that can provide for you, that will raise you to be polite, respectful, and to fight for what you believe in. Add to that the fact you’ll (likely) be in Southern California, you’ll realize you hit the jackpot.
Life is about being happy and true to the things that make you feel that way. You have to be prepared to fight - but as long as you’re fighting for good in the world, you will be fulfilled.
Right now, our fight is fundamental to protecting our way of life in this magnificent place we call home. And we do so with the hope that you will be able to live your lives with clean air to breathe and the natural wonders of our world – in California and beyond – preserved to revel among.
We grew up taking this for granted, and we work every day now to ensure you can do the same, but with the wisdom of our mistakes and the legacy of our innovation and perspiration.
It is important not to lose sight of the important things in life, despite the inevitable and plentiful distractions. But if you value what you have, treat people with the respect you would expect in return, see things from different perspectives, and know the things you don’t know, you will be on a good path.
I love each day watching you grow and will always do everything in my power to ensure your lives are the best they can be. I hope you do the same for me when I’m old, slow, and need a ride to the golf club!
All my love, unconditionally,

What would lessons would you pass on, and what do you do that would make your grandchildren proud? We’d love to hear.