Sunistics talks demand charges with California Interfaith Power & Light

The team at Sunistics held a webinar on behalf of California Interfaith Power & Light to inform its members about the impact of demand charges on their church electricity bills.

In an hour-long session, Jonathan Caizley, Michael Knight, and David Kidman from Sunistics presented information gleaned from years of experience working with churches in Southern California.

Demand charges are the result of how much energy an entity uses at any given time during a billing cycle. If, for example, 50kW is demanded for just two minutes of a month and a maximum of 5kW the rest of the time, the utility would charge for having had to be prepared for the whole month to supply 50kW.

It doesn’t seem fair in such instances, particularly for churches, which often see demand charges make up more than 50% of their total electricity bills.